Family therapy is a step-by-step process for making positive changes within a family system. It isn’t magic, but it can transform lives. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times.

— Jessica Braun (Zingelman), MSW, LICSW

Family Therapy in Maple Grove

In family therapy, the client is typically a child with an emotional or behavioral concern. The responsibility for dealing with the issue is not the child’s alone. Rather, the process of positive change is shared within the entire family. As a child and family therapist, I work with families whose child or children are experiencing issues such as depression, anxiety, attachment disorder, stress, school failure, addiction, concerns over life changes such as divorce, adoption, placement in foster care, grief, loss and other issues. I typically work with the parent(s) and the child together to understand and address their concerns. Depending on the child’s age and the concerns we are addressing, I may work with the child and the parent(s) individually for portions of some sessions.

A Collaborative Effort

Together, we will identify the issue, develop coping strategies and take steps to change the patterns that have resulted in negative outcomes in the past. We will set a goal and work toward it one step at a time. Throughout the process, I will be your coach and your guide, helping you learn new ways to approach situations, respond to triggers and interact with each other.

In our sessions, we will discuss and role play new behaviors in a safe environment. Then you will put the new behaviors into practice outside the office. We will talk about the results at our next session and move on from there.

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