Therapy can be transformative. Are you ready to embark on your journey of hope? You don’t have to go alone. I would be honored to walk with you as your counselor and guide.

— Jessica Braun (Zingelman), MSW, LICSW

Counselor for Individuals in Maple Grove and the Twin Cities West Metro Area

Have you been feeling sad, worried or angry? Do you feel stuck or generally hopeless about life? Talking to an experienced counselor can help you better understand your current situation and allow you to take control of your life once again.

I am Jessica Braun (Zingelman), LICSW, MSW. I have more than a dozen years of experience helping people change their lives for the better. In the process of therapy, I can help you explore issues of concern and develop problem-solving skills that will help you move forward to a more hopeful life. I use a strengths-based approach and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to assist clients in reaching their goals of emotional health.

I help people who are experiencing a range of concerns, including:

• Depression or feelings of sadness
• Anxiety or worries
• Suicidal thoughts
• Stress management
• Relationship issues
• Life transitions
• Divorce
• Family of origin issues
• Work and career concerns
• Grief and loss
• Anger management
• Addiction or substance abuse
• Adult ADHD

What to Expect in Therapy

At our first counseling session, we will get to know each other. I’ll answer any questions you may have about me or about how therapy works. I’ll ask you about your background, your family and the issues that brought you into counseling.

Together, we will work to identify changes that need to be made. You may decide, for example, that you need to end a relationship that is no longer working, or change the way you respond to a specific person or situation. We will develop strategies for implementing those changes and practice them in therapy. In subsequent sessions, we will talk about how those strategies worked for you in the real world. Week by week, we may decide to modify the approach or take on another aspect of the problem.

Some problems can seem overwhelming. Deciding whether or not you want to stay married or change careers, for example, can be paralyzing. I can help you break the problem down into manageable parts so you can make a decision that you feel confident about.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about my services, please call 763-400-7076 or email me at Journey of Hope Counseling in Maple Grove, Minnesota. I offer a free, 30-minute consultation for new clients.