I feel passionate about working with individuals and families toward their goals for growth and change. I take a strengths-based approach while I inspire, encourage and restore hope to those who are often feeling a sense of defeat or hopelessness when they come into therapy.

— Jessica Braun (Zingelman), MSW, LICSW

Counseling for Families with Adopted Children

All children have a right to be loved and feel like they belong to a family forever. Belonging to a family becomes a part of our identity, which can positively and/or negatively affect one’s self related to who they are. It is every parent’s hope that by providing love, consistency, guidance, discipline, etc.,  will help raise our children to be healthy, productive adults. The journey of parenting alone can be filled with enjoyment, surprise, joy, pain and uncertainty. Parenting a hurt child may likely be filled with the above, in addition to the commitment to work on healing the past hurts of a child(ren). While I believe my relationship with the family is important to their success, my focus is on building the bond and connection between parent and child.

I strive to give parent(s) specific strategies to help them connect and parent their adopted child in a healthy way. The sessions vary in structure due to the needs of the child(ren) and/or parent(s). There are times that I meet individually with the child(ren) to work on self regulation skills, or meet with the parent(s) alone to problem-solve some behavioral concerns and to provide support, or meet with the family together engaging the child in structured activities with his parent(s) to help facilitate the attachment. I am nonjudgmental, supportive and inspire hope to parent(s) through the journey.

I have had the privilege to work with families in different settings including their home, a large clinic and now in the comfort of a small private practice office. I meet clients where they are at emotionally and give them the space and comfort to share their story. I have much respect and admiration for families who choose to adopt. The child(ren) past hurt was not caused by them yet adoptive families are the ones working tirelessly to resolve them and restore a sense of peace and love to their child(ren). I see working with families as such a privilege and honor to go along side of them in their journey toward emotional health.

To schedule an appointment or arrange for a free, 30-minute initial consultation, To schedule an appointment for your child, please call 763-400-7076 or email me at Journey of Hope Counseling in Maple Grove, Minnesota. I offer a free, 30-minute consultation for new clients.